Week 25: Happy Midsummer!

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As usual it's been a lot of time on the road, but I've managed to do quite a bit of editing and uploading!
Catch Club this week is Trolllåten. A tune originally conceived to be played by four players and one instrument, it makes a fine catch! Last week we were at an in person Regency Ball and we sat the camera in front of us and captured our music - just like we do for Symmetry. So you can find the final video of the Meryton Mob here! (Playalong music included)
On the nyckelharpa we have Fredagspolska. It's a great 8-note polska, quite similar to Polska efter Båtsman Däck, but it goes nice and high and is just a little bit trickier. I love it!
On the Boehm system flute we have Stenselepolskan.
On Fiddleharpa this week we have Angelina the Baker. A really great jolly tune!
On the Swedish Säckpipa we have Säckpipslåt efter Jont Lars Olsson
More next week!

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