For me the start is the most important place so this is what I really try to focus on. Helping people begin to play the nyckelharpa. So this page will show you the pathway through the site to becoming a nyckelharpa player. My most important advice is to practise every day - little and often.

This site is made up of different courses, modules and lessons. Some of the materials at the start are free access - because everyone should be able to access some good basic technique - it'll help further down the line!

The beginner should start with this list of things. Free access is usually marked with Preview, some things are visible and subscriber only can't be seen at all unless you are logged in.

The Beginners Course
This will help you be able to hold the instrument, the bow and tune it. (Module 1 is free access)

Nyckelharpa Four-a-Dayy for C tuned (or D tuned)
This is about getting round the first notes on the instrument. There are two courses here - for C or D tuning. If you need help in choosing to be C or D tuned - have a think about what style you want to play. If you'd like to play 'Swedish style' go for C. But if you're really into your celtic fiddle tunes, then some music might be easier in D. (I'm C tuned, but have a D tuned fiddleharpa). This course isn't supposed to be fun - it's all about good technique rather than tunes.

Tunes Listed in Order of Difficulty
This is a list of all the tunes taught on this site, listed in order of difficulty. Everything on this page exists within the courses, but this page gives you a pathway through. It draws together the tunes from the Tune Friday series, the Old Style Harpas course and of course the Beginners course. You'll also find the material for children listed there. You can tell it's for children - but all playing is good playing, so give them a go too!

Vicki & Jonny's Virtual Session in the bar at Halsway Manor
During the first lockdown I filmed a series of sessions in the bar at Halsway Manor (using Greenscreen!) I called the slower sessions 'Session Zero'. These are aimed at taking the early simple tunes and making them into a session for you to play along with. Each tune is a tune that has a lesson, so learn the tunes and play along with us! The session dots and videos are free access, but to see the lessons you have to be a subscriber.

Some of the website is available for anyone to use, but most of it is behind a paywall. There are two ways to get access to the full site:

The first is by monthly subscription. For this subscription you get access to all the materials and support. If you get stuck anywhere I'll make new lessons and videos and help you get past the tricky little corners.

The second is to book yourself some lessons - at the moment all my teaching is done online either using Skype or Zoom. I am based in the UK - but am willing to arrange for lessons until late into my evening so I can teach people pretty much anywhere in the world.

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