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It's been a scorching hot week here and we've been not far from home doing medieval work at a local castle. But before that I took a very exciting trip into London to All Flutes Plus to try a new flute. I can now say that I am a proud owner of a wonderful new wooden flute. It's so wonderful that this is now my full time flute and my trusty old Pearl is being retired into being a spare. I'll review the flute as soon as I get a chance, so for now you'll still see videos of the old flute. But it won't be long before the new one comes online in YouTube!
So what's new this week?
The latest Symmetry video from the 18th June is up and ready to watch or play again. The next dance is Tuesday 9th July.
Catch Club on Sunday is another Henry Purcell tune - He That Drinks Is Immortal.
I decided to start going through the shorts hunting out the ones I did for Moraharpa and include the music for them, so here is Colin's Cattle on the Moraharpa. These tunes seem to work really well, so there will be a few of those coming through!
On nyckelharpa we have Polonoise efter Johan Hagelberg.
On the flute we have Michael and Linda by Dave Weisler.
More next week!

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