Zoom Dance Lists

During lockdown we went online and this was the case even for dancing. We loved it and have continued playing for Zoom dances. We play twice a month for for an amazing online Zoom Dance evening called Symmetry ECD. (ECD=English Country Dance and is what we would call Social Dance in the UK). You don't have to be a dancer though - you can play along! Before the dance you the links below go to the pdf. After the dance the link goes to a webpage, you'll find a video of the dance music and the dots. You need to be a website subscriber to get access to the website. Every donator to the dance gets a link to the video we take of the dance.

Our Next Zoom Dances Are:
117. Tuesday 16th July with Frances Richardson (webpage)
118. August TBC
119. August TBC

We people wanting to come and dance in real life these dances are coming up in the UK:
17-23.08.24 - Whitby Folk Week Playford Ball
08.11.4 - Ceilidh at Warwick Castle, caller Tom Kitching
09.11.24 - Ceilidh Buckhurst Hill
16.11.24 - Bedford Fine Companions Dance, Bedford
25.01.25 - Burns Night Supper, The Palm Pub, Tottenham
01.02.25 – Nottingham Folk Dance Group, Nottingham
24-28.03.25 - Dancing and Walking Week at Halsway Manor
11-13.04.25 - Spring Folk Dance Weekend – Casterton, Cumbria
14.06.25 - Meryton Mob Regency Ball, St Mary's Church, Shrewsbury
15.11.25 - Norwich Assembly Ball as Purcell's Polyphonic Party

Past Dances: (links in the list below go to the Play-along video pages)
116. Tuesday 9th July with Thomas Bending
115. Tuesday 18th June with Graham Knight
114. Sunday 9th June with Sharon Spangler
113. Sunday 26th May with Sharon Spangler
112. Tuesday 21st May with Thomas Bending
111. Tuesday 16th April with Charlie Turner
110. Sunday 7th April with Sharon Spangler
109. Tuesday 19th March with Graham Knight
108. Tuesday 12th March with Luanne Stiles
107. Tuesday 20th February with Thomas Bending
106. Sunday 18th February with Sharon Spangler
105. Tuesday 30th January with Neil Stewart
104. Sunday 14th January with Sharon Spangler
103. Tuesday 5th December with Frances Richardson
102. Tuesday 21st November Symmetry with Thomas Bending
101. Tuesday 7th November Symmetry with Frances Richardson
100. Tuesday 17th October Symmetry with Thomas Bending
99. Tuesday 10th October Symmetry with Charlie Turner
98. Tuesday 26th September Symmetry with Neil Stewart
97. Tuesday 5th September Symmetry with Frances Richardson
96. Tuesday 29th August Symmetry with Neil Stewart
95. Tuesday 1st August Symmetry with Frances Richardson
94. Sunday 16th July Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
93. Tuesday 4th July Symmetry with Graham Knight
92. Sunday 18th June Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
91. Tuesday 6th June - All Hands In with JoLaine
90. Tuesday 30th May Symmetry with Graham Knight
89. Tuesday 16th May Symmetry with Thomas Bending
88. Sunday 7th May Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
87. Tuesday 18th April - All Hands In with Janet Shepherd
86. Sunday 16th April Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
85. Tuesday 4th April - Symmetry with Frances Richardson
84. Tuesday 7th March - Symmetry with Frances Richardson
83. Sunday 5th March - Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
82. Tuesday 14th February - Symmetry with Luanne Stiles
81. Sunday 5th February - Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
80. Tuesday 17th January - Symmetry with Juliette Webb
79. Sunday 8th January - Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
78. Tuesday 20th December - All Hands In with JoLaine Jones Pokorny
77. Sunday 11th December - Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
76. Tuesday 6th December - Symmetry with Frances Richardson
75. Sunday 27th November - Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
74. Tuesday 8th November - Symmetry with Frances Richardson
73. Tuesday 18th October - Symmetry with Juliette Webb
72. Tuesday 11th October - Symmetry with Luanne Stiles
71. Sunday 25th September - Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
70. Tuesday 20th September - All Hands In with Bev Bernbaum
69. Tuesday 6th September - Symmetry with Frances Richardson
68. Sunday 14th August - Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
67. Tuesday 26th July - Symmetry with Ann Fallon
66. Tuesday 19th July - Symmetry with Juliette Webb
65. Tuesday 5th July - All Hands In with Sue Gola
64. Tuesday 7th June - Symmetry with Frances Richardson
63. Tuesday 17th May - Symmetry with Margaret Bary
62. Tuesday 10th May - Symmetry with Luanne Styles
61. Saturday 7th May - All Hands In, AtlantaDistdans caller Seth Tepfer as Purcell's Polyphonic Party!!
60. Sunday 17th April - Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
59. Tuesday 5th April - Symmetry with Frances Richardson
58. Sunday 13th March with Sharon Spangler
57. Saturday 5th March - All Hands In, AtlantaDistdans with caller JoLaine Jones Pokorny
56. Tuesday 1st March Symmetry with Frances Richardson
55. Tuesday 15th February Symmetry with Juliette Webb - 7pm UK time
54. Sunday 6th February Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
53. Tuesday 25th January Symmetry with Ann Fallon
52. Tuesday 4th January Symmetry with Frances Richardson
51. Saturday 1st January Atlanta DistDance - caller Seth Tepfer
50. Tuesday 14th December - Symmetry Dance Staff Party
49. Sunday 12th December Symmetry with Sharon Spangler
48. Tuesday 7th December Symmetry Dance with Brian Stanton
47. Tuesday 23rd November Symmetry Dance with Ann Fallon
46. Tuesday 9th November Symmetry Dance with Luanne Stiles
45. Tuesday 19th October Symmetry Dance with Juliette Webb
44. Tuesday 5th October Symmetry Dance with Brian Stanton
43. Tuesday 21st September Symmetry Dance with Luanne Stiles
42. Sunday 5th September Symmetry Dance with Sharon Spangler
41. Saturday 21st August - Whitby at Home ceilidh with Bob Morgan (8pm)
40. Monday 9th August - Atlanta Distdance with David Macemon (midnight UK time)
39. Tuesday 3rd August - Dance Pad for Symmetry, caller Brian Stanton
38. Sunday 25th July - Dance Pad for Symmetry, caller Sharon Spangler
37.Thursday 6th July - Dance Pad for Symmetry, caller Brian Stanton
36. Tuesday 29th June - Dance Pad for Symmetry, caller Margaret Bary
35. Thursday 17th June - Dance Pad - event/caller by Madeleine Smith
34. Sunday 13th June - Symmetry ECD
33. Friday 11th June - Friday Night Dance contra
32. Thursday 10th June - Symmetry ECD
31. Tuesday 1st June - Symmetry ECD
30. Tuesday 25th May - Symmetry - ECD
29. Tuesday 11th May - Symmetry - ECD
28. Thursday 6th May - Symmetry - ECD
27. Tuesday 4th May - Stonesfield Dance
26. Sunday 25th April - Symmetry ECD - ECD
25. Saturday 24th April - NBCDS Waltz Party in Zoom - Contra and Waltz (non-called)
24. Sunday 18th April - Nottingham Folk Dance Group - Playford Ball
23. Saturday 17th April - Folk Weekend Oxford - Ceilidh
22. Tuesday 13th April - Symmetry ECD Tune Pad - ECD
21. Thursday 6th April - Symmetry ECD Tune Pad - ECD
20. Friday 2nd April - Atlanta Distdance Tune Pad - ECD and contra
19. Tuesday 1st April - Symmetry Tune Pad - ECD
18. Sunday 21st March - Stonesfield Tune Pad (3pm UK time)
17. Sunday 21st March - Symmetry Tune Pad (6pm UK time)
16. Tuesday 16th March - Symmetry Tune Pad (6pm UK time)
15. Thursday 11th March - Symmetry Tune Pad (midnight UK time)
14. Tuesday 2nd March - Symmetry Tune Pad
13. Saturday 20th February - IVFDF21: Playford Ball
12. Saturday 20th February - Gainsville Contra Dance, caller Seth Tepfer
11. Saturday 13th February - Flurry21: Contradance
10. Tuesday 12th February - Symmetry CD
9. Friday 5th February - Alcester Contra
8 Sunday 31st January - Private Party with Dance
7. Friday 29th January - Private Burns Ceilidh
6. Sunday 24th January - Burns Dance
5. Tuesday 12th January - Symmetry
4. Monday 11th January - Atlanta Distdance
3 Thursday 31st December - Sea to Sea NYE
2. Friday 2nd October - Tenterden Folk Festival Ceilidh
1. Wednesday 26th August - Whitby Folk Week Playford Ball

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