Session 11 – The Fürsteneck Session Part 1

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Session 11 - The Fürsteneck Session Part 1

It's session time! We've got a little behind on the sessions since the summer with workshops and gigs - but hopefully we're back on track for the rest of the year! I have just come back from teaching at Burg Fürsteneck and I promised everyone in my group that I would do a session with the tunes I taught. I love all the tunes and couldn't choose which to put in the session, so I'm going to do them all over two sessions. This is part 1!

Doodle Oak Cloggers into Childegrove
The Female Sayler into Dr Who Pirate jig
Hornpipe Hollandica
Lightening the Load (32 bar version)
Red House
PDF of the tunes

As usual the session goes at 2pm on Sunday 24th October and stays up forever. See you then!
Vicki & Jonny

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