Week 42: Session Filming Week!

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Week 42: Session Filming Week!

After an incredibly busy last 6 weeks we plan on filming a few sessions this week. I enjoyed the tunes so much at Fürsteneck that our plan is to make two sessions with these tunes. The next session after that will be the tunes I taught at Halsway and then finally my plan is for a week of jigs! This jig session has been delayed a little as it was planned in for September. Then we're into the Christmas season, so expect Christmas for a few weeks after that! So what is going to be in the session?

Doodle Oak Cloggers into Childegrove
The Female Sayler into Dr Who Pirate jig
Hornpipe Hollandica
Lightening the Load (32 bar version)
Red House
PDF of the tunes

What else is new to the site this week?
Konvulsionslåt (on the moraharpa)
Olle's Födelsedags Låt
Shepherds Hey (a version aimed at Children)
Schottis efter Axel Sjölander (Swedish tune on the SSPs!)

A new subscriber extra video has been put up. To find out anything about this video you need to be a subscriber and go visit the subscriber extra section of the website!

I'm looking forward to the next session coming this Sunday! See you there!

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