Week 24: Regency all the way!

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It's been a very dancey week this week with both Symmetry and an in person Regency dance (more about that dance next time). I got very excited when I watched the latest episode of Doctor Who (Ep6: Rogue). It's set in a regency dance with lots of lovely costumes and two real pieces of regency music! The first was easy to identify - The Duke of Kent's Waltz. We play that quite often! The second one took a little bit of detective work. I started to write it out, figured out the style and then hazarded a guess as to which collection of Regency dance music I'd find it in and I turned out to be correct. It was  Paine's 1st Set of Quadrilles: No. 4 La Felecia - so an hour later I'd written it out and created a video with Jonny.

So what else is added to the site this week? We had the Zoom dance at Symmetry on Sunday and that video is now edited, uploaded and ready for people to watch. Enjoy! Our next Symmetry Dance is Tuesday 18th June - next Tuesday. Come along and watch, play or dance! The link is here and the dots are here!

I've been working on the Scottish Smallpipe tutor this week too and I've added Chapter 4 part 2 to that course. Slow and steady progress!

We have Henry Purcell again this week for Catch Club and Once in Our Lives.
On the nyckelharpa we have Polska från Glömminge. A really cool but slightly strange Polska. I love it!

More next week! We're heading off into medieval season, so who knows where this will take us!

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