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We've written a lot of music over the years. Some have ended up on albums and they're the easiest to track down. This page is all the tunes we can find/remember and put into a vague date order. I'm still trying to track some down and at least get a list of names and then I'll create videos for them. They all link to lessons of the tunes that have the music dots and more information on each tune. We have a section on our website that takes you to a page with a download of the dots. What you will gain from being a subscriber here is a bit more information and a whole heap more tunes that you won't find anywhere else!


Jorvik Pipe Tune
New Ambient Waltz
The Kahlua Jig - Vicki
The Kahlua Reel - Vicki


Night of Legends Tunes
A Little Swedish Waltz - Jonny
A New Vals - Jonny
New Slängpolska - Jonny
Agracious Plenty - Jonny
Random Things - Jonny
Fångset - Jonny
Fångset (Polska version) - Jonny
Shameless - Jonny
A Waltz Catch - Jonny


The Thousandth (Vicki)
Jonny's Catch No. 1 - Jonny
Incognito Ian - Jonny
JoLaine's Jig - Jonny
Hawaiian Contra - Jonny
Seth's Jolly Contra - Jonny
NEW TWO - Jonny
Lady Katherine's Dance - Jonny
St George's Dance - Jonny


Wolf Rock's March - Jonny
Valhalla Near Basingstoke - Jonny
Pyramid Bouree (Jonny)
Oxfolk Two - Jonny
Sevenoaks - Jonny


Come Bring With A Noise Reel (Jonny)
Ever Higher Polska (Jonny)
Fotspårensmarsch (Vicki)
Två Hjärtans Polska (Vicki)
Hornpipe Hollandica - Jonny
Stena's Hornpipe - Jonny
Marvelous Meg (Jonny)
Rocking Rocquefort (Jonny)
The Darkside (Jonny)
Anastasia in D minor (Jonny) - (HMS9)
Lightening the Load - 32 bar version
Lightening the Load - 48 bar version
St Alban's New (Jonny)
Contrarello (16 bar march)
Controtto (32 bar jig)
Contrapasso (32 bar reel)
Caucasia Contra (Jonny)
Jiggle the Old Bones – (48 bar reel)
Waltz for Shari (Jonny) - Session 4
The Kindness of Thwaite (Jonny) - Session 4
Sleep Deprivation (32 bar reel)
Diversion Ahead (Jonny)
Don't Drive Tired (Jonny) (blogger)
Double Shot Coffee (Jonny)


Polska Cups (Vicki)
Långsammapolskan - Jonny Dyer
Andy Clarkes (Jonny) (Fiddleharpa)
Trip to Habertonford (Jonny) (Fiddleharpa)
Ride, Norman Ride - Jonny Dyer (blogger)
Elsy's Waltz (Vicki) - Session 4
Dancing Shoes (Jonny) - (HMS9)
Calle's Brudmarsch - efter Calle Svankvist
Marsch efter Calle Svankvist - efter Calle Svankvist
Midsommarn - efter Calle Svankvist
Fiddling About (Vicki)
Polska efter Calle Svankvist - efter Calle Svankvist
That Mallet Moment (Jonny)
Pinkie and the Cradle (Jonny)


Lego Bricks


Älgknappen (Vicki)
Mid-Year Spice (Vicki)


Olle's Födelsedags Låt. (Vicki)
Skäggigtschottisen G minor (Vicki)
Skäggigtpolskan (Vicki)
Näckens Midsommar Polska (D minor) (Vicki)
The Näckens Dream Waltz (Vicki)
The Näckens Dream Polkette (Vicki)
The Halsway Parade - Vicki
The Quantox Reel - Vicki
Hunt the Hog - Vicki
Jonny's Canon - Jonny (VSJD website)
The Chicken Run - Jonny
Mr & Mrs Gr*en's Whimsey- Vicki 
S*phie's Brudmarsch - Jonny
Er*thway Green - Jonny
The Piper's Wedding March - Vicki
The Piper's Wedding Jig - Vicki
The Devil's Schottis - Vicki
Vännens Långdans - Vicki
Ankapoo - Vicki - (HMS8)
Tongue in Cheek - Vicki - (HMS8)


Bröllopsgåvan (Vicki)
Piggelunkschottisen (Vicki) - (HMS8)


Riddaren - Vicki
Borealis - Jonny
Rum in the Pudding - Jonny
Minuet - Jonny
Hedingham Green (Jonny) - (HMS9)
The Lace in the Door - Vicki


Shuiler Tune - Jonny
Skomakaren - Vicki (blogger)
Gruvan - Vicki
The Tomasson Girls - Vicki
Doodle Oak Cloggers - Jonny - (HMS9)
Spinning Jenny - Jonny
Start the Weekend - Jonny


Fnyka Polskan (Vicki)


Viggo’s Vaggvisa - Vicki
Valnöts Långdans - Jonny
The Broken Spike - Jonny
Button Oak - Jonny
The Polecat - Jonny
The Cedar Fence - Jonny
The Three-Legged Rant - Jonny
The Singi Sunset - Vicki
Nancy’s Fancy - Jonny
Emily’s Waltz - Jonny
Gilwilly - Jonny
Dancing Out (Vicki) - (HMS8)


The Revelstoke Wedding (Vicki) - Session 8
Sticky Ticket - Jonny
Turn the Wheel - Jonny
Time Out - Jonny
Bare Bones - Jonny
Vintage Puget (Vicki) - Session 14
Pine Dance - Jonny
Clattering About - Jonny
Gleowien - Jonny
Rosey Jones - Jonny
Norrahammarsvägen - Vicki
Whist with a Twist - Vicki
The Little Pard - Vicki
Skön Åsa - Vicki 
Iste Viste - Jonny
Fikavalsen - Vicki - Session 4


The Race for Home - Vicki - Session 8
Logan Rock - Jonny
Sliptease - Jonny
ReelTease - Jonny
Maltease - Jonny
Apples and Chairs - Vicki
Angarrick - Jonny
Andy Jackson's - Jonny
Two for a Pair - Jonny
The Winter Wedding - Jonny - Session 4
Poppy's Present - Jonny - Session 8
One for His Nob - Vicki - (HMS8)
Two for His Heels - Jonny
The Partridge - Vicki
Headphones and Admins - Vicki
GPRS Blues - Vicki


The Willows - Jonny - Session 8
The Three Ashes - Jonny Dyer
Carrock Fell - Jonny Dyer
Jumping the Beck - Jonny Dyer
Hemligheten - Jonny Dyer
Cartmel Fell - Jonny Dyer
Tiger's Eye - Jonny Dyer
Chasing the Butterfly - Jonny Dyer
Scatter Pipes - Jonny Dyer
The Blue Tack Man - Jonny
Caught on Camera - Jonny
Jock's Magic Box - Jonny
The Broken Drone - Jonny
Answers on a Postcard - Jonny
Dusty Pipes - Vicki
Lullaby for the Sleepy - Vicki


The Bodmin Stomp - Jonny
Farewell to the Astra - Vicki
The Good Old Way - Jonny
One for Hame - Jonny
Pushbike Jig - Jonny
Pushbike Reel - Jonny
Round the World - Vicki
The Homecoming - Vicki
Metamorphosis - Jonny
To Catch A Cat - Vicki
Mind the Gap - Jonny
Aussie Piper - Jonny

Euan's Tig - Jonny
The Stable Door Part 1 - Jonny
The Stable Door Part 2 - Jonny
Odd Socks - Jonny Dyer
Going Commando - Vicki Swan
The Checkered Kilt - Vicki Swan
Echalot  - Jonny
B Minor - Jonny
Bowland Bridge - Jonny
The Butterdish - Jonny
Pinetree - Jonny Dyer
Batten Down the Hatches 1 - Jonny
Batten Down the Hatches 2 - Jonny
Batten Down the Hatches 3 - Jonny
The Hunting Groove - Jonny
The Golden Birch - Vicki


In the Kitchen - Jonny
On the Mash - Jonny
Scotty's Last Munro - Jonny
Friday Afternoon - Jonny 
Hennessey's Gathering - Jonny
Ormistons' Part 1 - Vicki
Ormiston's Part 2 - Vicki
Morfar - Jonny


Jester's Waltz - Jonny
Sunrise Over the Candlestick
The Grey Mare's Tail
The Mists of Galloway
The Lament for the Lone Piper


Elegy - (Jonny) Classical tune (blogger)
Elegy (double bass version) Jonny Dyer (youtube video) (blogger)

How Does It Go? - Vicki

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