Nyckelharpa Christmas Duet Advent Calendar 2021

The Nyckelharpa Christmas Duet Advent Calendar 2021

Coming this December is Vicki's advent calendar of Christmas Nyckelharpa duets! Each day from the 1st - 24th a new window will open and will reveal a new duet for you to play along with. 

Watching the duet is open and free access for all - but to get the best out of this advent calendar you should buy access to the site. Underneath each window there is a link to a page filled with accompanying materials, music, duet parts, the duet minus the melody or harmony for you play along with. To gain access to the dots and materials you need to have an account. If you're already a subscriber you'll have complete access already! If you're not and you'd like access you can buy a Christmas pass for £15 that will give you access to the entire site for the Christmas period up until 12th night. Each day a new duet will be added to this page.

If you are a subscriber or have bought access to the materials for Christmas there is a special start page with a few extra resources on: early access to the complete pdf so you can practise in advance and also different versions of the duets for different instruments. Versions exist  for flute/descant recorder, bass clef for cellos and double bass, Bb Trumpet and Bb Clarinet!)  Click here for this page! 

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