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Q: How Can I contact you?
A: By email remove the [a] and put an @ - vicki[a]nyckelharpa.me.uk

Q: What's the difference between Standard and Gold Membership?
Nothing. It's just what you can afford to pay.

Q: What's the difference between using Patreon and using Paypal
They are just different ways to pay, but Paypal is slightly easier/cheaper. So I would lean towards that method by preference. You could also choose your own way of paying or pay by month. It's fine any way you choose.

Q: What happens when I sign up?
I get a notification. Then I set up your account and send you the login details. Nothing happens automatically and the account isn't automatically linked to the payment. Once you have the login, that stays until I make a change, it's not dependent on the method of payment.

Q: Can I change payment method?
Yes you can, it doesn't affect your login, just get in touch

Q: I am getting a 503 error, what do I do?
Send me a message. It is to do with preventing spam using IP addresses. The site has decided you've logged in from too many different IP addresses and thinks you're spam. I click a button and you're back in again.

Q: I'm being asked to sign up for a course, why?
: It's just the way the learning content is on this wordpress site - just click join. You're not being asked to pay any extra, it's just the way this is.

Q: I've reset my password but I just can't get in, help!
A: Make sure that you include a special character like !
If you don't the site won't let you in, annoyingly it won't tell you that the password won't work, it just won't let you in. This might be a bug that is fixed in the future, but for now, make sure there is a special character in it!

Q: Can I request a tune?
Of course!

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