Flute Tunes Index

This is a list of all the flute lessons and tunes.

Flute Tune Lessons (Wooden flute)
The Black Joke
The Bluetack Man
Caught on Camera
Dick Gossip
The Green Gates
The Humours of Dublin
Miss Murphy
Ormiston's Part 1
Ormiston's Part 2
Planxty Hewlett
To Catch a Cat
The Willows

Swedish Tunes (Wooden flute)
Bonden i Paradis
Byss-Calle No. 32
Hamburska efter Pehr Ericsson
Linus på Linjen
Näcken's Midsommar Polska
Polska efter Båtsman Däck
Polska efter Johan Skedin från Tärnsjö
Springvals från Valö efter Ceylon Wallin
Vals ur Carl Keventers notbok

Beginner Flute!
Flute Basics Part 1
Flute Basics Part 2
Flute Basics Part 3
Flute Basics Part 4
Shepherd's Hey

Boehm System Flute
Auretti's Dutch Skipper
Chelmsford Assembly
De'il Take the Warr
Easter Thursday
The Fairy Prince
Hennessey's Gathering
Jacob Hall's Jig
Kelstern Gardens
Levi Jackson Rag
Love and a Bottle
Orleans Baffled
Red House
Upon a Summer's Day
Zephyrs and Flora

Played on Boehm System - but fine on the Wooden flute!
Hyde Park
The Midnight Ramble
Neat Mr John
The Prince Regent
The Queen's Jig
Sellenger's Round
Take a Dance
The White Joak
The York Assembly

Train Whistle Unboxing
The Silverwood Flute Unboxed
Unboxing: Flute by Tony Millyard
The Nuvotoot - unboxed
Flute Duel - wooden flute vs the Nuvo Toot
The Peppa Pig Recorder
The Autos Fife - Unboxing
The Yamaha YRF21 Fife unboxing

Folkie Flute Duets
The Halsway Parade - Flute Duet
The Piper's Wedding March

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