Session 12 – The Fürsteneck Session Part 2

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Session 12 - The Fürsteneck Session Part 2

It's session time! This week it's the Fürsteneck Session part 2, in other words all the other tunes I taught! There is a lot of Playford in this session because I was teaching dance tunes and I wanted them to be as groovy as possible. The problem is that there are a lot fo groovy dance tunes in Playford 1651! I hope that you enjoy playing along!

Row Well Ye Mariners
Juice of the Barley (Stingo)
Millison's Jig
Tongue in Cheek
Poppy's Present
PDF of the tunes

As usual the session goes at 2pm on Sunday 14th November and stays up forever. See you then!
Vicki & Jonny

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