Week 27: Back to Rainy Weather!

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It's July! How did that happen! This week I've been focussing on the moraharpa, so there's going to be some new moraharpa stuff filtering through now! As usual I'm writing this update in the van. So what's new? I've bought a new tuner for the nyckelharpa that is amazing - video to follow as soon as I get time to "unbox it". I've also bought a new flute mic - this hasn't been tested at all yet. So I'll report back on that as soon as possible!

In Catch Club this week we have another easy Catch - Cal's Song. It's quite a long one, but very simple!
Perry the Partridge on the moraharpa. It's in D, so if you want to join in on any instrument you can. A canon version is included in the lesson. No-one escapes Perry the Partridge!
Josefin's Dopvals on the wooden flute (no keywork needed). It's a popular and very pretty tune!
On the nyckelharpa we have Byss-Calle 45. I loved playing this for World Nyckelharpa Day and here is the lesson to back it up! (I qualified for my 20 BC badge - but have in actual fact done 27. It's time to do some more!)

We have a Symmetry Dance on Tuesday 9th July and the music is up and ready for anyone wanting to come along and play. As usual we will make a video after the event.
A lot of the Symmetry dances are quite tricky and fast paced. So as there is no video to share this week I'm going to feature the Lockdown Halsway Bar Session Zero Part 2. It's nice and easy and at a sedate pace. So enjoy!

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