Buying a Nyckelharpa

Vicki Plays these Nyckelharpas
Sören Åhker - Standard 3 Row Chromatic Nyckelharpa
Johannes Mayr - Fiddleharpa
Olle Plahn/Annette Osann - Oktavharpa
Lucjan Kościółek - Sienaharpa
Stefan Ekedal - Moraharpa
Ingvar Jörpelund - Kontrabasharpa
Gustav Anderson - Silverbasharpa
Corrie Schrijver - Bow
Jean-Claude Condi - Bow
Eric Arro - Bow

Other Important Items
Corrie Schrijver for Bow Rehair
Larica Gold Rosin – 2 for the normal nyckelharpa, 3 for the oktavharpa
DPA Core 4099 Microphone - my current stage mic
DPA 4060 Microphone – for stage work, (this mic is currently my spare)
Prodipe VL21-C – it's an ok cheap mic
AKG C411 – contact mic for loud ceilidhs
Nyckelharpa Stand
Peli Storm Flight Case IM3220

I am asked quite a lot of where to buy nyckelharpas from. The best advice I can give is that you should buy a new one from a maker or a more modern second hand instrument direct from the player that is selling it. They are not cheap and they take time to get hold of. Around £2000 will get you an instrument you are happy with. If you spend any less than £1000 you might be lucky and get an instrument that is ok - but it won't be brilliant. A lot of instruments were made in the 1980s by people making their own at evening classes in Sweden - this was the only way to get one back then! These come onto the market now for anything from £600-£1200. I strongly advise against these. If you have to go for one - try to get a renovated one from a trusted source - but be aware, these ones might cost you the same as a new one from a maker. (You are paying for getting it now and not waiting on a waiting list).

So - a list of makers... It's not exhaustive, these are instruments that I have met - so there might be people missing (I have a feeling I've forgotten some important names on the list so I'll add makers as time passes). To get on the list I need to have actually played an instrument by the maker. UK makers are at the top, as that's where I am! The rest of the list is in a rough order of budget. The further you go down the list, the more expensive the instruments get. Are they better the further down the list? I couldn't really say - I love my Sören Åhker nyckelharpa.

UK Makers
Ian McMaster
Pete Rigg

Other Nyckelharpas Vicki has met in Vague Order of Budget:
Enar Magnusson - Sweden
Olle Plahn - Sweden
Bosse Nilsson - Sweden
Kjell Lundvall - Sweden
Johannes Mayr - Germany
Annette Osann - France
Alban Faust - Sweden
Peter Puma Hedlund - Sweden
Sören Åhker - Sweden
Jean-Claude Condi - France
Dan Ericsson - Sweden
Esbjörn Hogmark - Sweden

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