Scottish Smallpipes Index

Scottish Tunes
Lovely Stornoway
The Eavesdropper
Rocking the Baby
The Badger and the Weasel
Theid Mi Dhachaigh
Where Shall Our Guidman Lie
The Mill Mill O
Train Journey North
Orange and Blue
Champion of the Seas
Crossing the Minch
The Steamboat
Elliot Finn MacDonald
Colin's Cattle
Bruce's Birdie
The Piper's Wedding
Seeking Galloway
Tail Toddle
Castle Dangerous
Highland Pibroch
An Drochaid Chluiteach
Corn Riggs are Bonny
Gone with the Tide
Drops of Brandy
Donald, Willie and his Dog
The Winter's Waltz
On Top of the Clints
Lie Peacefully There
Calliope House
Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie

Our Pipe Tunes
Cartmel Fell
Dusty Pipes
The Piper's Wedding March
Apples and Chairs
Vännens Långdans
The Race for Home
The Piper's Wedding Jig
The Partridge
The Golden Birch
The Sliptease Set
Oxfolk Two
Incognito Ian
Lullaby for the Sleepy
Headphones and Admins
GPRS Blues
Farewell to the Astra
Vintage Puget
Tiger's Eye
Lady Katherine's Dance
St George's Dance
The Trickling Stream

Swedish Tunes
Hamburska efter Pehr Ericsson
Røros Pols
Polska efter Lennart Skoglund
Lästringe Gånglågt
Polska efter Oppigårds Lars
Polska från Gladhammar
Schottis efter Axel Sjölander
Menuetto efter Sven Donat
Hambo Polska efter Theodor Freyland

English Tunes
Berwick Billy

Manx Tunes
Hie Mee Stiagh

Christmas Tunes
Deck the Halls
Ding Dong Merrily on High
The Holly and the Ivy
Jingle Bells
Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus
När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar
Sussex Carol

Technique Lessons
New Years Exercise
New Years Exercise Part 2

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