Week 45: Session Week!

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Week 45: Session Week!

We've had a busy week on the road, but we had the camera and Studio 2 set up for a Zoom dance, so we kept the camera rolling and completed the Fürsteneck session. It goes out this Sunday at 2pm (14th November). We both hope that you enjoy it!

Row Well Ye Mariners
Juice of the Barley (Stingo)
Millison's Jig
Tongue in Cheek
Poppy's Present
PDF of the tunes

What else is new?
As it's the 11th November this week I have added When the Battle's O'er. Enjoy!
We also have Polska efter Oppigårds Lars and Lästringre Gånglåt on the Scottish Smallpipes

See you next week - where I will be announcing my Christmas project! (Yes Christmas is that close!!)

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