The Caucasia Contra

It's another track that we're recording this week. This is Caucasia Contra. Jonny wrote this inspired by the chords and music from the Russian region of Caucasia. It's a great track, but tricky to get up to the speed of 120 beats per minute (contra speed!) So I decided this week was the week to talk about metronome practise. I use this all the time to bring music up to speed. Playing with a metronome can be tricky. It doesn't wait for you at all, so to make it work you have to start playing the piece with the metronome really, really slowly! So there are two videos this week, the usual video where I play the piece slowly  and then sneak out an album clip for you to hear. The second video is where you can come with me on my metronome journey to get this tune up from 88 beats per minute to 120. You can play along with me each step up the metronome. Good luck!

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