Polska Cups

It's officially time to release Polska Cups to the world. This was an idea I was given by someone last summer, when I was teaching the original cups song (the cups bit, not the song) that I should do a version that could be done to a polska. I went straight home and did exactly that. I've been sitting quietly on it until now and now I am launching it out there! So this is a two part thing. The tune to be played and the cups to be cupped.  We did this at Halsway Manor, so a film of that is included at the bottom. The teaching version of the polska cups isn't mirror image, so if you need to see it in mirror image I've included a video where I have flipped the image! If you'd like to download the pdf of the cups instructions - click here!
The polska itself uses polska bowing throughout.

An Image to follow of the instructions - note that this image is MIRROR IMAGE.
This means you can copy exactly what you see as if you were looking in a mirror.

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