The Global Halsway Parade

Since 2012 I have been gradually building up my nyckelharpa course at Halsway Manor. We get on average 45 nyckelharpa players gathering together at the large weekend in September. The courses have been growing and in 2019 I ran a beginners course, an advanced course and the festival weekend. This year everything has been cancelled. So I decided to take inspiration from the World Nyckelharpa Day and run something online at the weekend that we were supposed to be there. 

The first part of this jigsaw puzzle is The Halsway Parade. Each year we parade around the garden playing this tune. So I'd like two things - one is that people play this tune for real at 2pm UK time. The second is that I would very much like to edit together a large mosaic of as many nyckelharpa players around the world playing this tune as possible!

Below are the things that you will need:

  1. The lesson teaching the tune
  2. A full quartet of me playing the tune
  3. The guide track for you to play along to and film yourself

The instructions:

  • Film yourself playing along to the guide track. You must wear headphones so I can edit the video into one big ensemble.
  • Email me your video using (or similar) to info [a] (change the [a] for @!

Then I will release the video around the weekend of the 19th September 2020! How many people can we get to join in? Let's see!

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