Halsway Virtual Bar Session – The Scandi Page

2020 was a strange year. We lost all of the courses that we were supposed to run at Halsway Manor. So using the magic of green screen we filmed a series of Virtual sessions in the bar. This is the fruit of our labour. I have ordered them here from easy to hard, work your way through them! There are twenty sessions in total and nine of them were Scandi. This is the Scandi page. The videos are open to all - but to get the music lessons you'll need to be a subscriber (or a student). I've put some buttons in so if you're interested in a particular stream, then click that button to filter out what you want to see!

I have started a second series of sessions - we've called them Vicki & Jonny's Session from Studio 2. We aim to do a session a month. So keep an eye on that page for new sessions!

Session 1 - Join Us in the Bar!

Extra Session - Swedish Tunes Workshop at Whitby Folk Week

Session 2 - Swedish Tunes

Session 4 - Swedish Tunes

Session 11 - Swedish Tunes

Sessions 14 - Swedish Tunes

Sessions 15 - Swedish Säckpipa Tunes

Session 16 - from the Long Room at Halsway Manor!

Session 17 - The Halsway Manor Session for World Nyckelharpa Day 2023

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