Skålarna – Skänklåt

For World Nyckelharpa Day 2020 a mosaic video of Skålarna was created by Doug Oines in the USA. This video was created to teach the tune for that video. World Nyckelharpa Day in 2020 was on Sunday 26th April - the actual day of Byss-Calle's Birthday. There had been plenty of events planned, but due to the pandemic everything was cancelled and put online. Check out the details on the World Nyckelharpa Day Website.

One of the things that is happening is a mass playing of Byss-Calle number 9 - Skålarna. This was co-ordinated by Doug Oines in the USA. Doug requested a specific version of the tune that is slightly different to the one I play - one note is held for longer. So I've noted this down on the music dots below! So if you play along with the video at the bottom of the page - hold that extra note!

I prefer not to have that extra long note though, so I talk about that in the teaching video. Enjoy and play along with the group!

My original guide to help with the mosaic video
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