Byss-Calle Tunes Introduction

Byss-Calle was the greatest nyckelharpa player of all time - or so they say! He's been a great teacher despite being dead since 1847. I've been working my way through all his tunes. The date of World Nyckelharpa Day falls on the closest Sunday to his birthday. So this module is dedicated to him! The World Nyckelharpa Day playlist of his tunes is nearly complete - my playlist will take considerably longer. But this module will include all the versions, ensembles and dots. If you want to get your hands on it you'll have to become a subscriber to my website! Byss-Calle tunes are so awesome that for April Fool's Day 2024 I did a little news bulletin about the new Byss-Callemärke. That news item is at the bottom of the page.

I have been working my way through many of his tunes. Below are links to either a performance video, a lesson page or a video where I have just played the harmony.
(Stats: 21 tunes played plus 8 harmony only)

Tune NumberPerformanceLessonHarmony!
1Number 2Solo
2Number 9WND20Lesson
3Number 10DuetLesson
4Number 11DuetLesson
5Number 13Duet with DC
6Number 17Duet with DC
7Number 18DuetLesson
8Number 19DuetLesson
9Number 20Duet
10Number 25Trio and WND22Lesson
11Number 26Duet with RH
12Number 31Duet and WND22Lesson
13Number 32WND20Lesson
14Number 33Duet with DF
15Number 34DuetLesson
16Number 36 - Puma VariationLesson
17Number 37 - RidmarschLesson
18Number 38DuetDuet with UGA
19Number 40Duet with DC
20Number 41DuetDuet with UGA
21Number 43Duet with KM
22Number 44Duet with AN
23Number 45Duet with DavidLesson
24Number 47Duet with UGA
25Number 48 - ByggnanTrio
26Number 49 - StorsvartanTrio
27Number 51Duet
28Number 53Duet
29Number 57 - KlockstapelvalsenTrio and WND21Lesson

Vicki's Byss-Callemärke

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