Week 21: Jonny’s Catch No. 1

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This week has been full of preparation for the Chippenham Folk Festival. We're really excited to be playing for the festival, it means a lot of preparation in terms of numbers of dance tunes!

So what's new this week? I've put together the lesson for Jonny's Catch No.1. There is a minus-1 video on the lesson page, so play along and enjoy! I've put the full version below for you to watch!

We have another Symmetry dance on Tuesday 30th May. The dots are up and ready on the Zoom dance page. Just like the last dance we'll be filming it and making it available on the website for subscribers. This time it's three dances on flute, four dances on nyckelharpa. Watch out for the link next week once it's edited!

On the Scottish Smallpipes this week we have Lady Katherine's Dance.

More next week!

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