Week 2: A New Film Studio

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This week having moved my rooms around I've been filming away in the spare room and it definitely seems to be working!

This week I've been doing some work on the beginners course, so we a new video on the The Left Hand Position. I've also been adding videos to the Nyckelharpa Four a Day, Days 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 and also fixing a few signposting things in the beginners course.

I've also finished off some work on week one of the Fiddleharpa Four-a-Day.

We have Love and a Bottle for the flute course this week and Dusty Pipes for the Scottish Smallpipes.

I've been carrying on with the shorts this week too! I decided to embed them below for you to watch and I've included links to the lessons where I have them.


7th January - Skäggigtschottisen
8th January - Andy Clarkes
9th January - Sticky G-n-T
10th January - Trip to Habertonford
11th January - Hyde & Seek
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