Week 1: Back to Work

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I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I had a great time in Sweden and have come back refreshed and ready to get back to work! Lots to be done. Lots of recording and filming and also the work now starts for World Nyckelharpa Day!

I have spent this week mostly trying to sort out my work space. As you know I use green screen to cover the fact that we have a very small house and it's hard to get nice camera angles. Since the start of the pandemic I've had a green screen set up in our lounge, but as of now I have managed to set up a green screen area in the spare room. This is awesome on many different levels. I have always recorded in the spare room, it's set up as a mini-studio, but I've not been happy with the filming in there. (You'll have seen it in some videos!) So now that I have managed to do the green screen up there it means that my videos won't have the sound of lorries and cars going past. I can leave it set up and respond to requests for videos faster. In short - I'm very happy!

I have decided to try to release a YouTube Shorts video everyday for 365 days - it's going to be tough and some of the shorts might be rough and ready! I'm going to film them and upload them there and then, no prep, just shoot and upload! I've done six days already - four tagelharpa tunes, one nyckelharpa and one moraharpa. The ones without links don't have lessons.... yet! Watch out for those as I get them filmed!
1st January - Nyårsaftonen on the tagelharpa
2nd January - A schottis on the tagelharpa
3rd January - O'Hara's Cup by O'Carolan
4th January - A tagelharpa tune
5th January - A polkette on the tagelharpa
6th January - Skäggigtpolskan on the moraharpa

I added a tuning video for the Fiddleharpa - melody strings and Fiddleharpa - sympathetic strings.

There will be more next week!

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