First Week of June Update

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First Week of June Update

Such glorious weather! We have another dance this week - it's on Tuesday evening and the tune pad is up and ready! Click Here!
Then on Sunday we have our next session, this week it's going to beautiful slow airs and some we've not done before, so we have a few new tunes to learn this week:
Hector the Hero
Bonnie at Morn
The Ash Grove (new lesson)
O’Hara’s Cup by O’Carolan (new lesson)
Fair Maid of Barra (new lesson)

Other tunes added:
Tune Friday
Näckens Midsommar Polska (in Gm)

Old Style Harpas
Näckens Midsommar Polska (moraharpa)
Polska efter Calle Svankvist (kontrabasharpa)
Kontrabasharpa Polska (kontrabasharpa)

A Focus on Technique

This week I've also added a double bass course. There won't be so much added to it - but every so often there'll be new videos for my students! I'll be adding more as the week goes on!

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