Fourth Week of May Update

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Fourth Week of May Update

The weather!!! What has been up with the weather! It's been truly atrocious! So definitely good time to practise! What's new this week?

Tuesday 25th - we are playing for dance for Symmetry and you can play-along! The dots are up - all you need to do is to register for a link. It's free (but donations are encouraged). So come along! It's between 7-8pm on Tuesday night.

All the tunes for the Halsway Virtual Session Number 6 are transferred to the site. Because these are tunes that the composers very kindly let us play they're open access so they can share their own tunes! Here's the list!
The Noodle Slicer (by Ed Pritchard)
Kerry's Lament (by Linda Hall)
Narrowly Missed the Milk Jug (by John Cooke)
The Heart Waltz (by Chris Drinkwater)
Miranda's Mazurka (by Ed Pritchard)
The Stand In (by Linda Hall)
Doreen's Schottis (by Chris Drinkwater)
Polska for Vicki (by John Cooke)

Tune Friday
May Your Day Be Filled with Music (by Jenny Quick)
Byss-Calle Number 31

Something random for this week. I don't just teach nyckelharpa - I also teach flute and double bass. I've contemplated long and hard as to whether I should have flute on this site too and I've decided just to include a sneaky little Flute Course, just as somewhere to put things! So if you play flute check out the Folkie Flute! course.

Lots of Love

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