Week 8: A week at home

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We've been home this week. But we did have two Symmetry dances! I'm adding one to the update this week and one next week. I took a quick tally of the number of lessons on this site. It seems to be somewhere around over 1258 lessons over 9 different instruments plus 55 play-along session videos. I can't be sure I've included all the nyckelharpa lessons though, I think I might have missed a section in the count. At some point I'm going to make an index of all the tunes on the site covering all the instruments, when I manage that I'll know just how large the site is. One thing I won't be able to count though is the number of hours it all adds up to.

So what's new this week?
We had a lovely dance on Sunday in Zoom at Symmetry.
This Sunday in Catch Club we have Ill Fares the Family.
On the nyckelharpa we have Logan Rock by Jonny Dyer
On the fiddleharpa we have Old Joe Clarke.
On the Scottish Smallpipes we have New Years Exercise Part 2
On the Säckpipa we have Polska efter Per Gustaf Florell
I got two amazing new mics to record with and unboxed them. That video is below.

More next week!

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