Week 9: Medieval Schools Week

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This week we've been on the road being all medieval for some primary schools. We love doing these workshops watching the excitement on all the children's faces. Such fun! Now we’re back we can’t believe it’s March already!!!

So what's new this week?
This Sunday in Catch Club we have Fair Ursley Merry Mood by George Berg
We also have the second February Symmetry dance.
On nyckelharpa we have a waltz called Silence in the Rain.
On the fiddleharpa we have Spotted Pony - a groovy American tune.
On the flute we have Anna Maria Kiss Me.
On the Scottish Smallpipes we have De'il in the Kitchen.

Next week we're back in schools again and then Unicorn Ceilidh and the Suffolk Playford Ball! Another busy week! It's also time to really start planning for World Nyckelharpa Day - so get those cameras out and start filming!

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