Week 7: News from the A1

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We've had a great time down in the South West for a week. I'm now doing this entry from the car as we head north to York. Jonny has written the soundtrack to the finale - including a very fine säckpipa tune that I will be releasing onto the site for International Bagpipe Day on the 10th March. So watch out for that when it comes! I've just upgraded my microphones - so expect some more comparison videos in the near future! So what's new this week?

We have two Symmetry Zoom dances this week. Sunday 18th and Tuesday 20th! The music is up for both of these. The videos will follow in due course!
In Catch Club this week we have To Our Musical Club another really appropriate tune name for Catch Club!
On the nyckelharpa we have Manx tune Winding Song.
We also have a new waltz written by Jonny, this will be in the Symmetry dance on Sunday. It's called New Ambient Waltz (because Jonny hasn't named it!)
On the flute we have the wonderful Hans Grinds Jäspodspolska aka CiG - it has a very cool and funky rhythm!
On the Swedish säckpipa we have: Marsch – Carl XII’s Marsch vid Narva.
And finally on the Scottish Smallpipes we have the Scottish Smallpipe Tutor Chapter 3 part 1.

As it was Moraharpa Day (aka Valentines Day) this week here's a moraharpa tune for you. Fotspårensmarsch. The video is from lockdown times!
More next week!

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