Week 6: From a Rainy Cornwall

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This week we're out on the road playing in folk clubs in Cornwall and Devon. It's very, very rainy!

So what's new this week?
Catch Club on Sunday has Henry Purcell's To All Lovers of Music. It seems an appropriate catch! I do love Purcell's catches, so I've got quite a few of those in the coming weeks!
On the nyckelharpa we have part two of Kahlua with the Kahlua Reel. I think it's very groovy - the remit was supposed to be Mexican - I definitely did not manage that!
On the nyckelharpa we also have Kalevalainen Runosävelmä - difficult to say, but a nice easy tune to play, except it's in 5/4.
On the Scottish smallpipes we have Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie.
On the Fiddleharpa we have John Ryan's - a great popular polka.
The music for the next two Zoom dances are up, but as we're on the road the keys aren't 100% checked yet! That should be done this week.
More next week!

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