Week 5: Lots of different tunes!

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Sorry this update is late! This week was supposed to be a relatively calm one. But we had three last minute events get put into the diary and everything got somewhat behind! Jonny is still writing for a show at Jorvik and I'm recording for another film at the moment.
So what is new this week? I did quite a bit of editing

We had our Symmetry Dance on Tuesday. It was a nyckelharpa evening with only one fiddleharpa tune. It was fun! Go and play along! The next dance is on Sunday 18th February and the dance list is nearly ready.
Catch Club was a tune called Full Bags by Henry Purcell - it's below!
On the nyckelharpa we have The Kahlua Jig - a tune I wrote a couple of weeks back for a job and liked it enough to teach it straight away. This will be one of my tunes that comes out all year!
We also have Anglais efter Skomakaren Sjöström.
On the flute we have the awesome Røros Pols.
On fiddleharpa we have Air for Aires - more exercises involving this tune next week!
On the Scottish smallpipes we have bit more of the Scottish smallpipes Tutor Chapter 2 part 4

More next week!

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