Week 4: Back from ESI

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That was an amazing week at the Eric Sahlström Institute - I can't believe I've been back home four days already. To prevent this update being too long I have written up the experience I a separate blog entry. But to summarise - I took 19 students from around the world to the Eric Sahlström Institute where we had a weekend of playing! One group had Swedish workshops with the amazing Emilia Amper and the other (smaller) group did British tunes with me. It was such fun to deliver my teaching in Swedish - something I've not done before and I'd love to do it again! For more about the weekend go to the blog entry!

Whilst I was in Sweden the film Stockholm Bloodbath came out. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go and see it, so I'll have to wait for the UK release. Jonny and myself are on this sound track. We did a lot of work last July in recording for it. I've embedded it below - see if you can hear us! I played nyckelharpa, tagelharpa, bowed psaltery and double bass! This week it's been Burns Night week, so there was no time to relax, straight into ceilidhs, so this update is a day late - sorry!! So what's new this week?

Catch Club on Sunday is 'Tis Women Make Us Love, anytime from 10am. It'll stay up forever so you don't need to be up at 10am UK time.
On Tuesday we have the next Zoom dance, so come along at 7pm in Zoom. The music is up already. In case you'd like to play along to any previous dances they're all organised into lessons here. If you can't make it live on Tuesday, the video will be available by Wednesday!
On the Scottish Smallpipes we have Berwick Billy. I love 3/2 hornpipes from the North East of England.
On the Swedish Säckpipa we have Menueto efter Sven Donat.
On the nyckelharpa we have X-et, a tune from the Halsway Top 40.

I'm home for another week before hitting the road again, so it's camera time on Sunday. I have a new jig/reel to film and a couple of tunes that Jonny wrote this week and I want to capture Jonny's tunes before they get lost in the mass of music he is writing for another play for the Jorvik Viking Festival in February!
More next week!

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