Week 1:2024 Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! I've been using the same way of titling these weekly updates for a while now and I've realised I need the year in the title as well so I can tell which year it's from when I search for them. So that's now added!

So what's new?
Before our concert last St Barnabas I filmed me baking a banana cake for the concert. So here it is released! Recipe and all!
I'm releasing both the lesson and the short for Kettle Drum! I love this tune and I've taught it quite a bit this autumn!
I nearby officially inaugurate Catch Club! Each Sunday at 10am I am going to release a new catch into the wild. (I won't manage to make Catch Club every week, because they are actually quite time consuming to make! - but I'll do as many as I can in batches)
This week we are starting off with Jonny's Catch No. 1. It's a lovely little catch.
On the Scottish Smallpipes we have The Curlew.
On the flute we have Polska efter Byss-Calle No. 41

Wonder what a catch is I've put a video below explaining the rules of Catch Club!

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