Week 52 – End of the Year!

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It's week 52 and the last update for this year! I hope you've all had a great Christmas. We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas by playing for Dance last Halsway Manor. Now we're back home and trying to take some deep breaths before everything starts again in January. My trip to the Eric Sahlström Institute will soon be upon us!!

On the 1st January 2023 I decided I was going to publish a YouTube short everyday in 2023. I am now reaching the end of that run. The question is should I continue into 2024? Let me know! I finished the Christmas Shorts on the 26th and have returned to the Playford in #shorts. They will now run until the final 108th tune in the 1651 edition. Then I have some more Symmetry shorts to post up... but what should I do after that? I've posted a poll over on my Youtube Channel to find out what people think. Do let me know!

I've been away over Christmas so in completely the opposite to last week - I don't have much to update on! But we do have....

I was clearing out some old hard drives and in checking some source files against the website I found that I'd never put the video for Seth's Jolly Contra on the lesson page! So go check that out - it's really jolly!! We pair that with Hawaiian Contra. They're so jolly bright so it seems a good time to suggest having a go at those in these jolly, but dark times (if you're my side of the hemisphere anyway!) We've also got Keppell's Delight. A delightful little jig.

We have Min Lilla Lisa on säckpipa this week.
We also have a serious workout in the Scottish Smallpipe course called New Years Exercise.

I hope you all have a great New Year and see you next year! I've been busy with Catch Club this week, I hope to start that next Sunday, but more about that next week if I manage to get it all finished!

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