Week 2: Global WND Tune announced!

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It's an exciting week coming up! I'm heading off to Sweden on Monday and will be going on up to Tobo and the Eric Sahstöm Institute for a course! Most of the students of course want to learn with Emilia Amper. But I'm looking forward to teaching some Swedish students some of my favourite British tunes. I'm going to create a video blog of the experience, so watch this space!

On the nyckelharpa this week we have a waltz by Jonny - Angarrick.
We also have Catch Club! This week at 10am on Sunday we have A Waltz Catch by Jonny Dyer.
Then later in the evening we have our Symmetry Dance. You can come along live and then play-along later if you want! The dots are already up on the website.
On the Scottish Smallpipes we have SSP Tutor Chapter 2 part 2 from the tutor book.
Playford in #shorts is rapidly coming to a close! After today we have only two left to go. I will at some point go onto the second edition - but not for a little while! This week was tunes 96-102.

It's now been officially announced that the Global Mosaic tune for World Nyckelharpa Day 2024 is going to be Brudmarsch efter Jonas Johansson. The arrangement has been done and is now out and the video is below. The melody is nice and simple so that even the most inexperienced of player should manage it. But the oktavharpa part is a little more challenging. It's going to sound epic when everything is put together!

More next week - although I will be on the road, so it might be a small update!

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