Week 44: Happy Bonfire Night!

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I'm back from Whitby again, it was a lot of fun, but very wet and muddy. We had a couple of gigs at the end of the week, so my apologies for being a little late with this weeks update!
This week on nyckelharpa we have Cuckolds All in a Row. It's going to be a Playford in Shorts later in November, so this got added whilst I'm prepping all the pages up. We also have Ernie's Magic Moondust. I taught this at Burg Fürsteneck this year, so below you can see me in the room I taught in.

The Playford in #Shorts is having a brief pause as I was away for so much of October - these will be starting up again on the 10th November.

We have a Zoom dance on Tuesday, it's quite flute heavy this week. You can find the details on the Zoom dance page and it's own page.

Now that I'm back home again there will be some more lesson tunes on the way!

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