Week 43: Happy Halloween!

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I'm right in the middle of Dracula up at Whitby Abbey. It's sequel to the book, but you'll have to come up and watch it to find out what happens!

Excitingly my little trip to the Eric Sahlström Institute in Sweden has been filling up nicely. Emilia's class is full and there are now only 3 beds left - so that means only 3 spaces left in my class! So if you want to come and be part of the adventure - there are only three spaces left!

For nyckelharpa this week we have Hårgalåten. I tell the story of this one and although I set it as a story for May Day - it is just as appropriate for Halloween!
On the flute we have Polska No. 25 efter Byss-Calle.
On the Scottish Smallpipes we have Lie Peacefully There by Jock Agnew.
On the fiddleharpa we have Brudmarsh efter Johan Johansson. It's the same as we've done on nyckelharpa, but I've filmed it on fiddleharpa - because I plan on making this tune the Global World Nyckelharpa Day tune!
More next week!

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