Week 45: Remembrance

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It's the 11th of the 11th this week. So I have added my nyckelharpa quartet version of the Battle of the Somme. But I do also play this on the border pipes. So I've added that version too! I've also added Schottis efter Nämndemans Ola for nyckelharpa.

On the flute this week we have Bushby's Maggot.

We had our Symmetry Zoom dance this week and the listen again video is now up and ready to play along with. It was quite a flute heavy week this week with much of it playable on the six hole flute. Our song was Jonny's 1924.

After my little break from Playford in #shorts. We're back on the road again! They've all been filmed now and are in edit. So watch out for another 52 Playford gems!

More next week!

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