Week 27: YouTube Shorts

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I've taken into the plunge of the YouTube #shorts world! YouTube shorts are video filmed in portrait and less than 60 seconds long. So I thought I'd try to upload a new short everyday! You can find these shorts on my YouTube Channel, but I've also made a dedicated page on this website! I'll list the tunes I play in these blog entries. I'll be trying to do tunes I have lessons for! You'll get to follow us around the country as I'll be filming quite a few on the road! (I should have started whilst we were in Sweden and done the Midsommar parade! Maybe I'll sneak it in by stealth!)

Shorts tunes this week:
Näckens Midsommar Polska
Elsy's Waltz
Schottis known as LegoBricks

Lessons added to the site this week:
Hambopolska efter Sixten i Verpehultesberg (in the Silverbasharpa course)
and Elliot Finn MacDonald for the Scottish Smallpipes.


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