Week 40: Off to Burg Fürsteneck!

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Week 40: Off to Burg Fürsteneck!

It's all systems go, I'm off to Germany to teach at the amazing Burg Fürsteneck. I have a bunch of tunes ready and waiting to be taught. My theme is dance and I'm going to work my way from Playford's 1651 Dancing Master, then to ceilidh and ending up with Contra dance. I've tried to focus on groove and quite a lot of the tunes that I've chosen we played at dance this weekend! So I don't give anything away for Fürsteneck the tunes listed below all complete the Halsway Session number 9 - Jonny's Dance tunes, there is only one tune in the list below that I will be teaching at Fürsteneck and that is Doodle Oak Cloggers! I've included the complete list of tunes and a link to the dots too.

Once I get back from Germany I'll be getting the camera out to do some filming of the new tunes I taught and we will get back to the next session from Studio 2!

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