Week 41: Back from Burg Fürsteneck

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Week 41: Back from Burg Fürsteneck

I'm back from Germany and teaching at the International Days of Nyckelharpa at Burg Fürsteneck. It was amazing! All the preparation and worry about the travel was very much worth it to see so many nyckelharpa players and be able to teach to a room of real live people again! I can now reveal what it is that I taught. So my complete list is as follows. I've had the camera out this week since I came back and using the magic of green screen have taught these tunes in the actual room I was teaching in at Fürsteneck!

New videos:
Female Sayler
Dr. Who Pirate Jig
Hornpipe Hollandica
Lightening the Load (32 bar version)

Also Taught at Fürsteneck
Row Well Ye Mariners
Red House
Doodle Oak Cloggers
Millisons Jig
Poppy's Present
Tongue in Cheek

In the double bass course I've added Summer by Vivaldi and Marie's Wedding.

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