Week 39: After Halsway and Before Fürsteneck

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Week 39: After Halsway and Before Fürsteneck

So it's been a lot of video editing from Halsway this week. Three videos went out last week and now here are the other three! I taught everyone Christina Nilsson's Vals with an accompaniment. So I have split this lesson into the melody for Tune Friday and then the accompaniment is in the Bowing/String Crossing technique section.

Christina Nilssons Vals - melody on its own in Tune Friday
Christina Nilssons Vals - accompaniment and melody in the Technique section
Polska ur Carl Johan Johanssons Notbok
Polska ur Hugo Hägerströms Notbok


I've also added a Swedish Säckpipa course and am moving my content from my old blogger to being over here too. So this week we have The Långdans and Polska efter Anders Lundin.

What else will we get this week? Not sure yet - there's a lot of prep to do for teaching at Fürsteneck. I'm very excited to be going over to Germany and I just hope that my travel tests are C-19 negative! I have 5 days to go and my fingers are tightly crossed that this entry doesn't change to a disappointed stay at home isolation. These next two weeks are very busy - so a positive test will mess with a lot of events. The video below is from one of the projects this week...

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