Week 38: More Halsway!

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Week 38: More Halsway!

Wow what a weekend! It was amazing to be teaching at Halsway Manor again to so many wonderful nyckelharpa players. As you can imagine it's been a busy old time here with a lot of preparations and then after event catching up. I've filmed the tunes that I taught and and in the middle of editing and uploading them to YouTube. These are all completely new tunes to the site. 🙂
This week we have three tunes that I taught. The others will come next week.

Slängpolska ur Hugo Gustaf Svenssons Sammling
Pollonesse ur Andreas Dahlgrens Notbok
Schottis efter Sixten i Verpeshultaberg

These three by next week:
Christina Nilsons Vals
Polska ur Carl Johan Johanssons Notbok
Polska ur Hugo Hägerströms Notbok

No flute or pipe tunes this week - it's been full on with Halsway! For a fuller report on Halsway go and visit the blog entry on the main website -> Click Here!

As soon as I'm done with this blog entry it's straight over to preparing for the nyckelharpa teaching weekend at Burg Fürsteneck in less than two weeks time. Lots to do!!

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