Week 20: Hello from the Road

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We're still on the road, but have stopped at my cousin's for a couple of nights breather and the chance to catch up with the admin! Switzerland was amazing, such breathtaking scenery and now we're heading on up to The Netherlands. So what is new on the site this week?

I have made a new lesson for the concert that Jonny and I did for World Nyckelharpa Day and added all the music so you can play along with it! Click here for the concert and music.

We are back at Symmetry for a Zoom dance on Tuesday 21st. The music is up and ready for you to look at!

Before we went away I filmed a little technique video all about bowing. The idea was to try to help people get good tone: Bowing Basics.

One of the tunes we did at Halsway was Pollsa - Ur Sven Lorens Bruuns Notbok. I love this tune, very Byss-Calle like, but it's from Småland!

On the Scottish Smallpipes we have High Over Bunachton by Hamish Moore.

Finally Catch Club is back this week! We have March of the Daffodils - which is a nice and easy beginner Catch. It premieres at 10pm on Sunday as usual.

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