Weeks 18/19 On Tour

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I have merged the Friday update for weeks 18 and 19... we were away at Halsway last Friday and then I kept my head down editing the Global Brudmarsch efter Jonas Johansson. We ended up with 104 nyckelharpa players from 15 different countries - which is a record and really amazing! The videos came in right up until the last minute - so this is the final count and accurate!

Adding content to the site has been tricky over the past couple of weeks with World Nyckelharpa Day, Halsway and now we are away on tour in Switzerland/The Netherlands. I had hoped to film a few things before we left last weekend, but time was against me. We now have slightly sporadic internet for the moment, but I wanted to get this update out!

So for this week we have Rheinlender från Småland ur samlingen Lekstugan and also a concert that Jonny and I filmed for World Nyckelharpa Day. The day itself was an amazing day - 10 hours straight in Zoom finishing with this concert. I was quite tired by this point, so it is a bit random at times!

I hope to get some things updated before we go home next week - but it might be another sparse update next week. Then I'll crack out the camera and get filming!

Enjoy and take care.

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