Week 38: And Relax

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That was an amazing weekend at Halsway Manor. Many tunes were played! I've been busy editing videos post weekend. If you were there then you get to see the concert again by checking it out on the resources page. I wanted to make the second song I sang public, so it's at the bottom of this blog entry! I've also included the final workshop session where we all played together some of the things that we'd learnt. It's an incredible loud sound that you need to be there to experience! The tunes that I taught will be appearing on the site over the next little while.

So to start with here are two lovely waltzes by Jonny Dyer. A Little Swedish Vals and New Vals.

Some really exciting news. I have negotiated a workshop weekend at the Eric Sahlström Institute - or Nyckelharpa HQ as I like to call it. This will take place next January 19th-21st 2024 and although some details are yet to be released it's time to register your expression of interest. I will be teaching British tunes to the Swedish contingent and there will be a second tutor that will teach Swedish tunes to everybody else. This tutor is yet to be announced - more information on this next week - but for now. Get in touch to be added to the list as numbers are limited!

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