Week 16: World Nyckelharpa Day

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It's finally here. The week that contains World Nyckelharpa Day! As a result everything this week has been about preparing for that. There will be new things next week!

I have been working hard behind the scenes and has made a YouTube playlist of videos that will be premiering every 15 minutes as the day goes on! Check out the full list at on the World Nyckelharpa Day website. To follow the videos that I've had a direct hand in check this list. All of this will remain up after the event, so don't worry if you can't watch at the time. It'll stay up once the premier has happened.

06:00 – Nyckelharpa News Network – News Bulletin
09:00 – Fångset – For as many as will!
10:00 – Griffenfelt – The Spring Weekend Harpas at Halsway Group
11:30 – Kadrill Kozaken by the ‘harpas at Halsway Crew
11:45 – Start of the Global Spikens Vals videostream
12:00 – The Global Spikens Vals (edited version with added ensemble)
13:00 – Tunes and a Chat with David Chadwick and Vicki Swan (38 minutes)
14:00 – The Halsway Manor Session for World Nyckelharpa Day
15:00 – Why the Moraharpa has Hearts Eyes – Vicki Swan
16:45 – Byss-Calle 34 – Vicki Swan
21:00 – Byss-Calle 51 – Vicki Swan

Enjoy and see you on the other side!

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