Week 15: Back from Dover Castle

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We had an amazing time down at Dover Castle last weekend! I filmed some shorts there and as you can hear the acoustic in this underground room we were in on the last day was immense! I filmed quite a few of these, so they'll keep coming! I have spent a lot of time in front of the camera this week, filming fiddleharpa tunes, pipe tunes and most of all World Nyckelharpa Day stuff! This time next week I will be on the road and everything will have to have been done!
So - if anyone wants to send me Fångset for the large catch - now is the time to send it!

On nyckelharpa we have Polska från Rödeby
On flute we've reached W and The White Joak.
On fiddleharpa we have The Cuckoo.
Scottish Smallpipes is Rocking the Baby

World Nyckelharpa Day next week! If you haven't sent anything in yet - now's the time!

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