Week 8: Home

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Back home again with a freshly serviced nyckelharpa. Hurrah and we're straight back into work and preparation. We're reaching the end of the quieter part of the year and it's going to get busy! We had thought this year would be quiet - but we think that this might not be the case! So what's new on the site this week?

We have the very popular tune in the Scandi scene in the UK - Juringius! Following on from the other playalong videos we have a tune that Jonny wrote the night before Halsway and got added to the tunes to be taught. He didn't name it, so it was called Nameless at the time and then over the week it got named Shameless. There's a minus-1 track in the lesson. Enjoy it!

On the flute we have Gladers Polska.
I felt inspired to do Perry the Partridge on the Tagelharpa - no-one escapes Perry the Partridge!
I also did Happy Birthday on the nuvotoot - everyone needs to play Happy Birthday on the nuvotoot!
On the Scottish smallpipes we have The Mill Mill O.

More next week!

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